Halloween is coming up next week which means by dusk, kids and adults will be filling the streets dressed as their Halloween alter ego. With costumes and makeup, one may want to have different  eyes; which is when people usually opt for cheap “costume” contacts from Halloween stores to save some money. The reality is, these contacts are actually quite dangerous.

Any contact lens that is purchased without Doctors prescription puts you at a very high risk of eye injuries or infections. Because they aren’t professionally fitted to your eye, they can cause bacterial infections, scratches, even vision loss in severe cases. Contact lenses are a medical device that are meant to be properly fitted and prescribed by your OD.

When out on Halloween night, a lot of costumes have props such as pitchforks, knives, swords, etc. Alot of the time kids are excited and flinging around their props and may not be completely aware of their surroundings. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled and have awareness of your surroundings to avoid  getting a hit to the eye!

As for handing out candy, make sure your porch and front yard is well illuminated to avoid falling hazards and injuries.

If you would like more tips on how to keep you and your kids safe this Halloween,  ask one of our Optometrists today, and have a happy and safe Halloween!