September has snuck up on us once again and with the change in the leaves, back to school, it is also when sports will start back up and also conveniently sports eye safety month!

Just like getting mouth guards, shin guards, etc. it is just as important to invest in your eye safety while playing sports.  While low risk sports such as swimming, biking and gymnastics don’t necessarily require eye protection,  there are higher risk factors in contact sports such as baseball, basketball and lacrosse that require more contact.

Studies show that 90% of all sport relatable injuries are preventable. the most common eye injuries that occur are blunt force trauma injuries which include retinal detachments, broken bone around the eye socket, iris injuries and/or retinal tears. Corneal abrasions, can also occur when objects come in contact with the eyes.

One of the most important things about getting sports glasses is the types of lens/ frames to get. The two most common materials used for sports glasses is poly carbonate & trivex as they are impact resistant.

The best thing to do is coming into the office and sitting down with a dispenser to talk about your wants, needs and what sport/ sports you play when it comes  so you can be pointed in the right direction for your specific needs!