“My eyes haven’t changed, they are fine!”

A sentence that can deter you from booking that next eye exam even though you are getting a call saying you are due; Or maybe you just forgot because your eyes have been working about the same so it has completely slipped your mind. Just like your annual teeth cleaning, it is just as important to keep on top of your eye health checks. There is a lot more to it then getting a new pair of glasses!

What is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Much like a physical you get at your family Doctor, a comprehensive eye exam is a physical overall health check of your eye! your optometrist  will look at the entire eye and visual system and preform a series of visual tests such as auto refract, tonometry, and photos of your eye.

Detection of Eye & Health Conditions

Early detection in Eye conditions is very important in preventing vision loss. Doing your annual/bi-annual full health check acts as a screening in detecting conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma- which often if left only show symptoms when the disease has progressed to the point that it is difficult to treat. Not only do comprehensive health checks detect eye conditions, but Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and brain tumors.

Updating your Eyeglass Prescription

One of the main reasons most people come in for an eye exam is to update or get a new eyeglass prescription. The doctor will first get an auto refract (measurement of  the front curve of the eye) of both of your eyes and will then measure your visual acuity of both of your eyes individually and together, using a series of corrective lenses. Your eyeglass prescription is valid for use one year from the prescribed date.

How long has it been since your last full eye exam? if it has been at least 2 years, call us today and we would be happy to book an appointment to see one of our optometrists! If you aren’t due and feel your prescription has changed, we offer prescription check appointments with a $35 fee which is waved if you purchase glasses at our office. See you soon!