Caring for your Eyeglasses

  • Use two hands to take your glasses on and off
  • When you need to put them down, place them on a flat surface (table or countertop) upside down. The ends of the earpiece should be facing the ceiling
  • Keep them in your case when you don’t need them for longer periods of time
  • Do not leave them unattended around small children and pets
  • Did you know: heat can cause a breakdown in the lens coatings. In order to prevent this:
    • Do not leave them in the car
    • Turn your face away from the oven and do not hover over the stove top while cooking
    • Do not wear them while heat is near your face (drying your hair, welding, etc.)
    • Do not bring them into the bathroom while in a hot shower, sauna, or hot tub
  • Bring them to Vista Eyecare for a tune up every 6 months

Cleaning your Eyeglasses

  • Use a proper eyeglass/microfiber cleaning cloth
    • Hand wash the cloths and hang them to dry
    • Avoid using the cloths if there are any particles attached to it that may scratch the lenses
  • Use eyeglass spray or dish soap to remove tough particles
    • If you use dish soap, ensure the water is lukewarm
    • Avoid using the eyeglass spray daily
  • Do not use Windex or other harmful cleaning products